Let the music begin!
Calling for contestants.
The Pirate Ship!
Bouncy Houses.
Snow cones!
Novato Supervisor Judy Arnold.
Time for a contest!
Spin for prizes!
Hula Hoop Contest!
The Dance Contest!
Announcing Winners!
Treats from U.S. Bank!
Aboard the Pirate Ship!
Another Winner!!
Even More Winners!
Coupons and Prizes!
Manny with Judy Arnold.
Affordables Baseball Team.
Holiday Gift Tags.
Presents for the kids.
And more presents!
Movie night in the park.

Annual Events

° NeighborhoodSAFE ° Annual Block Party ° Novato Movie Night
° Holiday Gift Program ° Financial Literacy ° Six Element Sports ° Steps2Stability

2016 Calendar

Movie Night at Bay Vista

Disney's Zootopia.

Come enjoy the outdoor experience and enjoy Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Ice Cream and Soft Drinks. Please Bring Chairs, Pillow’s Blankets.

  • June 17, Friday: Zootopia
  • July 1, Friday: The Good Dinosaur
  • July 15, Friday: Alvin and the Chipmunks (Road Chip)
  • July 30, Saturday: Kung Fu Panda 3
  • August 12, Friday: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Great News from Tai Wright, Property Manager at Bay Vista & Creekside at Meadow Park: "For movie night, we would like to gift you with a projector, screen and speakers."
Followed by a note from Marin County Supervisor Judy Arnold: "Tai, on behalf of the County of Marin who supports Novato Safe Neighborhoods, thank you and your agency for your generous donation to the children and families of Bay Vista and Creekside at Meadow Park. Movie Night is another tool in creating a safe neighborhood for our children."

Hamilton Block Party

Celebrating 10 years of Affordable Housing!

SaturdayEvent Staff. , August 13th, 2016, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Bay Vista Apartments in Novato.

Music by DJ Monika.

We will be Celebrating 10 years of affordable housing. 

Red, White and Blue!

This year's theme is Patriotic!

(Special thanks to Tai and staff for coming up with the theme and presenting awards to our supporters.)

CONTESTS: Dance, Chile Bean and Dessert Contest 

First, Second and Third Places

  • Dessert Contest: $100
  • Chile Bean Contest: $100
  • Dance Contest: $100

Also, three 60 inch flat screen TV's (Raffle: Tickets sold on site)

And activities, food . . .

  • 3 Giant Waterslides
  • 6 Jumping Machines
  • Free hot dogs, nachos, snow cones

Holiday Gift Program

Holiday Presents.One of our favorite activities is the Annual Holiday Wish Program which asks families to sign up for gifts for their children and hangs the requests on a tree at a sponsoring company. Gifts can be delivered to our sponsoring company. We will update this information later in the year to let you know how you can become involved in supporting our community.

Gifts will be given out beginning December 9th. Registration forms are to be turned in the day after Thanksgiving.

Sponsors include:

Sponsors for Marin Family Action Events and Projects.

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Marin Family Action (MFA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to empower families and individuals to actively participate in improving their quality of life.

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