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Marin Family Action's focus includes Neighborhood Safety Programs in Novato, California and in Fort Myers, Florida. Our multi-pronged approach features making our neighborhoods safe and friendly for families through workshops, financial literacy programs, movie-nights-at-the-park, and annual picnics.


Marin Family Action's mission is to empower low-income families and individuals to actively participate in improving their social and economic quality of life.

Board of Directors

S.A.F.E. Mission

Our Neighborhood S.A.F.E. program was developed with a multi-pronged approach at making our neighborhoods safe and friendly environments.

6-Element Sports

Through our programming we hope to give our children the discipline, knowledge, & opportunities to be successful members of the community long into their adult lives.


Manny, your work ethic, your non-judgmental care, your willingness to help everyone is exemplary. It was embarrassing to ask for help after a lifetime of working.

California & Florida

Neighborhood Safe Program. Above: Florida
Fort Myers, Gateway, Lehigh Acres
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Family Activities
Children playing in a bouncy house at our annual events.

Children Playing in a Bouncy House at our Annual Events.
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Sports and activities for kids.

Physical activity and mental focus increase self-esteem and athletic ability.
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Financial Workshops
Financial Literacy Workshop.

Financial Literacy Workshops are held throughout the year.
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About Us

Marin Family Action (MFA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to empower families and individuals to actively participate in improving their quality of life.

Privacy Policy

Information herein introduces our programs and is for general guidance only. Marin Family Action staff and volunteers do not engage in legal, accounting, or other professional services. We recommend consulting with professional advisers.


Kindly Support Our Programs.

All donations are used to maintain our youth, adult, and Neighborhood S.A.F.E. activities and programs in Marin County, California and Fort Myers, Florida.

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