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Building Stronger Communities: Under the Lights

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Coach Bam Watson Under the Lights.Under the Lights is a national flag football league for kids in K-8th grade, with the emphasis on community fun. The league is for both boys and girls of all skill levels and promotes a competitive, confidence building, non-contact football experience. Games are played on Friday nights in both Fall (September - November) and Spring (March - May) at locations across the country.

Coach Bam Watson is Ft. Myers Under the Lights coach.

NOTE: Registration closes November 15! Registration Form

Winter Games will be at Buckingham Park, 9800 Buckingham Road, Ft. Myers.

We know that communities with more physically active people are more socially connected and healthier places to be. Sport and recreation activities produce a healthier population, both physically and mentally, which in turn places less stress on the community itself and our health care systems.

Physical activity has been identified as an essential component of everyone's life, essential to combating obesity and in promoting healthy and fulfilled lifestyles. Physical inactivity is a serious health problem that results in poor health outcomes. Participation in sport may contribute to academic performance. Studies have identified strong positive effects of physical activity on cognitive functioning and academic ability. Indications are:

  • There may be some short-term benefits of physical activity on concentration.
  • There is a positive relationship between physical activity and cognitive functioning.
  • Acute bouts of physical activity exert short-term benefits on cognitive functioning of youths’ ability.

Cultural, artistic, recreational, sporting activities and voluntary work enrich people’s lives and improve their connections with the wider community. Of course, we all know the value of professional sporting events in our towns, not only the economic value, but that of bringing family and friends together.

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